How do I change the latitude and longitude of the observing site?

Sorry about the lack of good documentation. I'm working on it!

To change the latitude and longitude, open up your settings file. Assuming you're on Windows and you used the installer, there should be a menu item that says "Aciqra Settings" in the Aciqra menu. Click that and it will open up a text file. There are two settings for latitude and longitude near the top (conf.lon and They are assigned to ("equals") numbers. Those are your latitude and longitude. Change those to whatever you want them to be. You may want to edit your elevation too if you want high accuracy with the moon. Then, SAVE the file (Press Ctrl+S). When you run Aciqra again, it should be using the new longitude and latitude.

With GNU/Linux or the portable binary archive for Windows, go to the directory of Aciqra and open "" with a text editor. This is the configuration file. Edit your lon/lat/elv settings and save like before.

I'll update the Docs with this information. Thanks for your patience.

...the latitude and longitude must be in decimal degrees. For example, don't use 12° 10' 10", use 12.16944. In addition, don't use W and S for locations in the western and southern hemispheres; just prefix the numbers with a negative sign.

After editing the file, when I attempt to save I get a message stating access denied and it won't save. Any help appreciated. There is not a menu item on the program for settings. Using Windows 7. Thank You

That seems a bit strange (that there's no menu item).

You may have to edit the file as an Administrator or install the program as a non-Administrator. Or, as an Administrator, change the permission of the file so that all users can read, write and edit the file.

I changed the permissions and it saved fine. Thank You. Don't know why the lack of menu, but all of the icons are present and functional.

That's good to hear. Sorry about the troubles. Hopefully, I'll get that resolved in future releases.