Releases of Aciqra are carefully planned out to ensure their stability upon release.

Version 2

No major changes are expected for Aciqra 2. Periodic updates will be made to the code base which will include minor additions or bug fixes. Support for the Aciqra 2 series will be dropped following the stable release of Aciqra 3, expected in late 2015 or early 2016, after which, no further updates will be made.

Version 3

The third series of Aciqra will be an extensive rewrite of core of the program, focusing on efficiency and organization, including improved integration into the Caglow platform. Development is expected to take place over the course of two years.

Anticipated Schedule

  • Planning begins - June, 2013
  • Development begins - December, 2013
  • Milestone 1 release - December, 2014
  • Milestone 2 release - April, 2015
  • API freeze - August, 2015
  • Milestone 3 release - August, 2015
  • Feature freeze - November, 2015
  • First beta release - November, 2015
  • Stable release - December, 2015

This schedule is expected to change as time passes and situations change.