Aciqra 2.2

Aciqra 2.2 (Grand Canyon) is the second release of Aciqra 2 being made available on May 20, 2012, five months after the release of Aciqra 2.1. It is a mid-year release -- smaller than an end-of-year release yet still substantial enough to be considered a major release. Numerous improvements including several important additions have been made in this release improving its overall usability and abilities.

2.2 Release ETA

The release of Aciqra 2.2 has been pushed up a few weeks and is now expected to be released on May 20, 2012. All of the features planned in the Roadmap have been completed and only some fine tuning is necessary for the release to be of release quality. As with the 2.1 release, 2.2 will be made available both on Caglow Central and on SourceForge so that if one is unreachable, the other will still be available.

Site is Ready

Aciqra's current website was launched a couple months ago in a limited, "preview mode" which was to last until significant preparations are done. The significant preparations have since been completed and so it is now time for the website's full functionality to be made available. Registration is now open to the general public as are the forums where any discussion relating to development or support can be posted.


2.2 Progress Report

Following the release of Aciqra 2.1, development has slowed but still continues towards the June release of Aciqra 2.2. The primary goal of this release is to incorporate additional elements of a typical planetarium into Aciqra to improve its completeness and therefore, its usability.

New Website

Once again, the Aciqra project has a new website, this time, powered by Drupal. The move was necessitated by the lack of updates to keep up with changing technology from Bitweaver which powered the old site. Elements of the site slowly started falling apart as backward compatibility was lost with upgrades to the server software. Much of the code was originally written for PHP 4 which caused issues with the newer PHP 5.3 that is currently active. Unlike Bitweaver, Drupal is actively maintained and therefore will continue to be updated to keep up with everything else.



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