Licensing Transition

The Aciqra 2 codebase has been released under the Aciqra License for some time. However, use of this license has prevented most other projects from being able to make use of the code and therefore limits the importance of the project as a whole. As a result, the Aciqra 3 series will be released under a more widely accepted license: the General Public License version 3, otherwise known as the GPL v3, as published by the Free Software Foundation. The GPL is the essentially original copyleft license and is presently the most popular license in use across all open source projects. It has been tested and enforced in court which makes the license a sturdy choice for Aciqra.

To ensure our continued ability to defend the terms of the license, the Caglow project will continue to require copyright assignment for all contributions to Aciqra to the project as violations may only legally be challenged with the approval of every copyright holder. Should there grow to be more than a few contributors to the project, locating and contacting everyone could grow to become an impossible task. Transferring copyright to a single entity is therefore legally the safest option and therefore will be continued.

This licensing change affects neither Aciqra 2 nor any of the other existing projects under the Caglow umbrella which remain licensed under the Aciqra License.