2.2 Progress Report

Following the release of Aciqra 2.1, development has slowed but still continues towards the June release of Aciqra 2.2. The primary goal of this release is to incorporate additional elements of a typical planetarium into Aciqra to improve its completeness and therefore, its usability.

In the two months that have elapsed since Aciqra 2.1, development has been focused on creating a search functionality for locating various objects. This had been a high priority for Aciqra 2.1 but had to be left out due to delays in implementing other features. As a result, it had been given top priority for the new release and is now the first major feature to be completed. All enabled objects except those in extended databases (such as Tycho-2) can be searched and quickly centered by the tool.

The next step is to implement the display of natural satellites of other planets -- specifically, the Galilean moons of Jupiter. This is expected to take about one month to complete. The third and final major feature planned is telescope control of which a basic version is expected to be incorporated into the release. This will require approximately two months to implement and is scheduled to be completed immediately before release. As a result, it may be pushed back to the 2.3 release if delays occur.

The next progress report will likely be released in April, 2012.