New Website

Once again, the Aciqra project has a new website, this time, powered by Drupal. The move was necessitated by the lack of updates to keep up with changing technology from Bitweaver which powered the old site. Elements of the site slowly started falling apart as backward compatibility was lost with upgrades to the server software. Much of the code was originally written for PHP 4 which caused issues with the newer PHP 5.3 that is currently active. Unlike Bitweaver, Drupal is actively maintained and therefore will continue to be updated to keep up with everything else.

Not everything from the old site will be migrated to the new one. In particular, the user accounts, the screenshots and the articles will be left behind. The majority of the user accounts were never put into use and so migrating them over would be a waste of resources. New screenshots will be added to replace the old ones which is only to be expected considering the dynamic nature of development. Though the articles are a useful chronicle of the project's history, there is no need to keep them as articles on the new site, a process that would be painstaking due to the nature of how they are stored in the database. They will likely be uploaded in the future as an archive of text files like press releases.

Most of the information pages will be copied over the new site. This is to be a manual process which will ensure that everything on the site is up to date and reflects the latest version of Aciqra. The process is expected to take a few weeks after which registration will be opened.