Licensing Transition

The Aciqra 2 codebase has been released under the Aciqra License for some time. However, use of this license has prevented most other projects from being able to make use of the code and therefore limits the importance of the project as a whole. As a result, the Aciqra 3 series will be released under a more widely accepted license: the General Public License version 3, otherwise known as the GPL v3, as published by the Free Software Foundation.

Aciqra 2.3.2

Aciqra 2.3.2 is the second update to the Aciqra 2.3 series. It is a very minor release and features only a couple of improvements.

In Aciqra 2.3.1 and prior releases, magnitude predictions for asteroids were off significantly due to mishandling of the slope parameter. The use of slope parameter is correct in this release. In addition, some internal optimizations were made to the code to help speed up the drawing of stars. The difference is very minor with a speed-up on the order of just 1%. Slight adjustments were made to the display to improve readability and aid navigation.

Series 3 Plans

With Aciqra 2.3 released and refined, the Aciqra 2 series has finally come to a conclusion after four years of active development. Although not all of the features originally planned for the series were implemented, such as telescope control, implementing them into the current system would require more work and likely more time than if they were directly implemented into the third series of Aciqra, skipping Aciqra 2 entirely to save time and effort in the long run.

Aciqra 2.3.1

Aciqra 2.3.1 is the first update to the 2.3 series.

Aciqra now uses the latest version of the Aloac library to perform a binary search for rise, set and transit times. These times are now displayed with increased precision and accuracy. In addition, time labels are now formatted correctly with leading zeros when necessary.

A full list of updates is available on the official release statement.

Aciqra 2.3

Aciqra 2.3 (Grand River) is the third major release of the Aciqra 2 series. The term "Grand River" refers to the upper portion of the Colorado River which runs from its source in the Colorado Rockies down to the confluence with the Green River in Utah. Originally intended for December of 2012, Aciqra 2.3 was delayed due to unexpected difficulties in implementation. Nonetheless, the release is now considered stable and ready for use as a successor to 2.2.

End of Bright Star Edition

Aciqra 2.3 is just a few weeks away and there are a few major changes for users to be aware of.

2.3 Release ETA

After being delayed a couple of months, the next release of Aciqra remains on target for a release in mid-February of 2013. The preliminary release date is set for February 10, 2013 but may be delayed by up to eight days to February 18 if necessary due to any serious but presently unknown bugs. All of the planned features have been successfully implemented. However, further testing and refinements are still needed to ensure that the release is thoroughly usable with no serious flaws.

Aciqra 2.2.1

Aciqra 2.2.1 is a minor update to the Aciqra 2.2 series with several minor fixes and improvements.

The most notable improvement is in loading time which has been improved by as much as 40% on some computers. Also, using the Tycho-2 catalog should no longer cause regular freeze-ups when zoomed in.

For a full list of updates, see the official release statement on Caglow Central.

Name of 2.3: Grand River

Aciqra 2.3 has been named after the upper-Colorado River which was once known as the Grand River. This river runs from just below the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park westward, paralleling I-70, to its terminus at the junction with the Green River. It gave the mountain, Grand Mesa and the city, Grand Junction their names.


Image Gallery Now Working

To help potential users to quickly decide whether or not Aciqra is for them, a working image gallery has been added which collects all the screenshots collected in release announcements and displays them on one page. While this will not show every possible feature in the program, it will give visitors a sense of what using the program is like before committing to an almost 60 MB download.

More images will be added to the gallery as new releases are made.


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