The SourceForge download link is a direct link and will take you to the latest release for your platform. The latest release is Aciqra 2.3.2 which was released on July 26, 2013.

Download from SourceForge -- 57.17 MB (Windows), 56.27 MB (Source)

There are two different released files published for each release.

  1. Source - Default download for all non-Windows platforms. Before you build this distribution, you also need to download and install (from source) the latest version of the I language and the Aloac library.
  2. Installer - Binary distribution for Windows. Aciqra is packaged in an installer which will automatically install Aciqra and includes both I and Aloac, so there are no dependencies.

For older releases, see the list of releases.
If SourceForge is down, a list of releases is also available from the download archive on Caglow Central.

Installation instructions are available from the online documentation.