Navigation, is for the most part, simple. To move around, click and drag the sky. Zooming is perhaps a bit different from expected, however. In most programs, zoom is done through the mouse wheel. This method of zoom is not supported by Aciqra. To zoom, press down on the right mouse button and drag the mouse up to zoom in, or down to zoom out. Though not intuitive, this method tends to be more efficient than the mouse wheel after regular use.

Find Objects

Press F12 or click the magnifying glass icon to enable the search box. Type the name or a part of the name of the object to search for. Press enter when done. A list of matching objects will appear, sorted by length. To choose the correct object, use the up and down arrow keys. The selected object is denoted by an arrow symbol. To navigate to the object:

  • Press enter -- this will clear the search, OR
  • Press the right arrow key -- this will navigate to the object while leaving the search results and search string accessible

Also, a quick way to clear the search box is to press the left arrow key.

For more information on objects that are included, see the page objects that are visible.