Aciqra has 3 main menu areas: primary, secondary and tertiary. These names are not referenced in the program itself but are used here. The primary menu is in the bottom left side of the program. A secondary menu is along the right side of the program. The secondary menu determines which tertiary menu will be displayed in the bottom right.

Secondary Menu

The secondary menu is split in two parts. Items in the top part, above the gap, do not have menus associated with them. The buttons of that part simply toggle whether or not a feature is enabled. Those below the gap do have menus associated with them. Selecting the icon itself selects the tertiary menu to be shown. It is possible to disable the tertiary menu entirely by selecting the icon associated with the active menu (ie. select the "Time Controls" icon when the "Time Controls" menu is active). Some of these have category-wide settings associated with them which can be toggled with the semi-circular toggle to each icon's right. For example, to toggle the visibility of the sun, moon, planets, natural satellites, Earth's shadow and minor planets all at once, use the toggle to the right of the "Solar System Objects" icon.