Aciqra is presently licensed under the Aciqra License, a copyleft license similar to the GPL. It differs from the GPL in that additional restrictions that do not contradict the defined terms are allowed and it prevents the use of the software from creating materials under other licenses. The latter difference is important as it requires all additions and modifications to be released under the same license.

Beginning with Aciqra 3, the project will begin transitioning to the GPL v3. This change does not apply to previous versions which will retain their original licenses.

Copyright Transfer

We require all code and documentation contributed to Aciqra and the rest of the Caglow project to have copyright transferred to the Caglow project. This provides the project with a means to relicense any contributions in the event that the current license is no longer sufficient. In addition, it grants the project the legal means to defend the contributions should a violation of the license occur as such a challenge must be approved by all copyright holders.