All settings are stored in a configuration file named located in the same directory as the rest of the program, usually C:\Program Files\Caglow\Aciqra. This file can be opened and edited with any text editor. On Windows, the installer should create a menu entry titled "Configure Aciqra" which should open this file directly. On GNU/Linux, the default location of this file is /usr/local/lib/aciqra/


You should modify the settings before you run the program with the coordinates of your location. There are settings for longitude (conf.lon), latitude ( and elevation (conf.elv) which are all assigned to numbers.

// User location
conf.lon = -105.8233 // @! Longitude = 40.4767 // @! Latitude
conf.elv = 3104 // @! Elevation (m)

Change these numbers to the desired values and save the file. The next time Aciqra is run, it will be set to these coordinates. Note that the coordinates need to be set every time Aciqra is upgraded. This problem will eventually be resolved in the Aciqra 3 series.


Catalogs may be set in the configuration file.

// Object catalogs
conf.starcat = "tycho2" // @! Name of star catalog
conf.deepcat = "ngcic" // @! Name of deep space catalog
conf.constdb = "iauconst" // @! Name of constellations database
conf.minordb = "minor" // @! Name of minor planets database

For more details on available catalogs, see the page on object catalogs.