Contributor Agreement

Every contributor to Aciqra or any other branch of the Caglow project must accept the following agreement that begins below the line. Note that the agreement only permits the transfer of copyright on contributions the contributor is the sole owner of. The Caglow project does not accept any contributions of which the contributor does not legally have sole ownership of except when all other owners accept this document as well.

The purpose of this agreement is not for the Caglow project to "turn evil" as critics of copyright transfer have suggested in the past. Indeed, even if we were to suddenly close off the project and restrict modification or redistribution, such a change (which is quite improbably to say the least) can only affect future releases -- past releases were irrevocably made free and open source and therefore will stay that way eternally with the possibility of new, free and open source forks being developed, regardless of what the Caglow project decides to do. The real purpose of the copyright assignment is to aid us in enforcing the terms of the free and open source licenses we release our projects under as challenges to violations must often be approved by all copyright holders of the material in question. With a large project, contacting and gaining the approval of all contributors can be next to impossible which is why we ask all contributors to assign their copyrights to a single entity, the Caglow project, whose job it is to ensure the enforcement of all licensing terms.

I ("the Contributor") hereby transfer to the Caglow project ("Caglow"), all rights and interests covered under copyright in my past, present and future contributions to the Caglow project or any of its member projects, where a member project is any project in which, at the time of contribution, Caglow maintains a 90% or greater copyright ownership, excepting any portions inadvertently left unnoticed that would otherwise be removed. Such "contributions" include any additions, enhancements or other improvements under which copyright may apply. Furthermore, I agree that should I presently own or decide to acquire any patents or equivalent documents that the patent(s) or equivalent will not be used to undermine the application or validity of this agreement either by me or any other present and future holders of the patent(s) or equivalent.